Bands we've played and are in love with
Human Reunion / Friends from dayton we love to love
Eat Sugar / Friends from Cincinnati who make us cry for joy
The Hard Lessons
/ These 3 destroy the world with their rock
Zom Zoms / A zany band from texas that might as well be from ohio
Yip Yip / Bug eyed mo-fos from florida
The Planet The / Our friends from the whole nether world
Enon / Long time favorites
The Detachment Kit / One of the best bands to play with
Good Hands Team / Remix master
Shuttlecock / Two dudes acting as one
Gil Manteras Party Dream / The men of your dreams
goLab / Joel's (keys, guitar, vocals) side project
Jeff Loose / Our drummer Jeff's solo tunes
Giant Robot / A finish band who samples us on their newest cd
Thunderbirds Are Now / Midwest brothers on their way to super stardom

STYLEX support network
Pretend Records / Our Record Label
YOUTUBE / Do a search for Stylex on YOUTUBE and check out some jams
The Church of the SubGenuis / Bob supports us, and we support Bob
Should Jeff Cut his Hair? / Our first fan site. Very old.
Take a Wack at Stylex / Our second fan site. Also very old.
Madhatter / The best record store in Bowling Green Ohio
Ramalama / The best record store in Toledo Ohio
WBGUfm / local college radion station that plays us all the friggin time
UPSO / Dustin's (vocals) art website

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